Joseph Coyle

Joseph Coyle (1992) Lives and works in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He graduated from Hereford College of Art with 1st Class Honours in 2014 and Aberystwyth University where he received an MA in Fine Art with distinction in 2019.

Joseph’s practice spans performance, illustration and painting inspired by nature and British folklore, notably demonstrated in his intricately detailed and small-scale series of paintings based on the story of Cock Robin. His work explores mythmaking and storytelling with an extraordinary attention for atmosphere and detail.

His exhibitions include The Death of Cock Robin (2019) Castle Gates Library, Shrewsbury and his work to date has been collected into 3 books; The Death of Cock Robin (2019) All Gods Around the Wrekin (2016) and The Beast of Dary’s Pit (2014). Joseph performed as his alter-ego Josey Maddock and co-created The Cabinet of Curiosities for 'All Hallows' Eve', Acton Scott Historic Working Farm (2019). Joseph has performed as a story-teller with a variety of costumed alter-egos teller at numerous public venues in the UK.

“Autism has made it very difficult for me to feel at ease within the world, being a cause of social isolation and mental illness. Yet I have come to appreciate that my dedication and passion for expressing myself through art is intimately tied to my autistic perspective. Without the obsessive attention to detail that comes from my condition I know that I would not be able to work in the way that I do, and my practice has been invaluable in providing me with both a fluent mode of communication and an escape from the anxiety of my daily life.” Joseph Coyle.

On becoming one of the winners of the Spectrum Art Award 2020:

"It is a great privilege to be selected as a finalist for the Spectrum Award, my passion for my artwork is driven by a yearning to share something of myself with others, a way of reaching beyond the confines of isolation and anxiety. As such, this is a truly exciting opportunity to share not only my work, but also its roots in autistic experience, with a much wider audience than I have previously found possible. It has empowered me to look towards exploring those roots more openly in future projects, and given me confidence that my work has the potential to connect powerfully with that audience." Joseph Coyle

Joseph Coyle