Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes (1994) lives and works in Belfast. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2017.

Janice works in a variety of mediums including painting, collage and film inspired in part by her understanding of nature, her films incorporate animation, often with single frame footage taken from family videos, ‘collaged’ with seed heads, leaves and dried flowers.

Her work has been sold at markets and shown in various group exhibitions including Joint Effort II, Lubbock, Texas (2017), and RUA 134th Annual Exhibition, (2015). Commissions include a music video for Martha Ffion's No Applause (2018).

“Being autistic creates an implicit sense of being an outsider in society. My work is often an attempt to repair this dislocation through the play of maligned materials. I like to observe and form these into collages, miniatures, drawings and films. In a similar way I like to work with fragments of films, re-editing into experimental work that mimics my own chaotic sensory interactions with the world.” Janice Hughes

On becoming one of the winners of the Spectrum Art Award 2020:

"The Spectrum Art Award has given me invaluable support for my work. I am grateful to be part of a space that celebrates the connection between art and autism.

In future I would be interested in exploring a more narrative and collaborative type of film or animation based on autistic experience." Janice Hughes

Janice Hughes
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