Harry Moorcroft

Harry Moorcroft (1999) Lives in Taunton, Somerset and currently studies, film and media at Bridgwater & Taunton College. Harry makes films and animations which demonstrate a sophisticated eye for characterisation, coupled with deadpan humour. Frequently self-narrated, his subject matter is often drawn from personal experience, including bringing vividly to life the difficulties he experienced as an autistic child coping with school.

“I struggle immensely with reading and writing, and since we live in a world dependent on these skills, I try to pick up on visual assets to make sense of the world. Because of this being my lifestyle, my approach to video making is to conjure up a rough idea and then grabbing a camera to film my idea - without the aid of a script - editing what I filmed and seeing how far I get. Once I feel that I film something that I feel has potential, I’ll tirelessly revise that idea and expand upon it; making it the best it can be.” Harry Moorcroft

On becoming one of the winners of the Spectrum Art Award 2020:

"When I was making my cartoon, I was transitioning between the ages of 19 to 20, essentially this is the last project I made while I was still a teenager, and the first project I worked on as a full fledged adult.

Telling the story of my grief as a child, but as an adult being able to illustrate it in a more positive way.

When I was younger, the upsetting times at school, really troubled through my mind, but now I’m able to look past it as nothing really, time has really helped into healing my distrust and discomfort, amongst teachers and pupils.

I saw this film being very therapeutic for myself, as while I will never have the chance to go back, and to stand up to those who spoil my time in education, making this film and coming to terms with what happened, has made me be able to close a past chapter of my life.

The school reflection film, I made was actually a remake of an older cartoon I created, some several years ago, the older film I felt was somewhat crude, I felt that I could make it much more better, so taking all the skills I learnt about filmmaking throughout my teen years, I felt as if I could create my distinctive style of film.

And with the new school reflection film, being rewarded a gold distinction and being one of the lucky winners of the spectrum a price, it’s reassured me of all the time I spent studying and learning, about film and media throughout my youth, has paid off, as from now throughout my 20s onwards, I can point towards school reflection as being the Harry Moorcroft film, my own distinct taste and style." Harry Moorcroft



School Reflection
Harry Moorcroft