New works by Dawnne McGeachy 5.6845° N, 5. 7491° W


Dawnne Mc Geachy, one of the 5 selected finalists for the 1st Spectrum Award, will join us as a judge for the 2nd Award. Dawnne, who will bring her invaluable personal experiences as a working artist with autism commented, " I am extremely honoured to help judge the entries this year and look forward to seeing all the submissions. As a prize it not only gives financial assistance and exposure it provides the winners with ongoing advice and support. The varying submissions will highlight the breadth of human expression and creativity and help give understanding to life with ASD through the eyes of artists.”


For Dawnne, the prize – and the continual support of the judging team involved with it – gave her the opportunity to really progress and grow as an artist. Dawnne has gone on to show at the Tatha Gallery in Dundee and Beaux Arts in Bath in the last 12 months and she is also currently preparing to exhibit at the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh in 2020 with a solo show scheduled at Beaux Arts, Bath in 2021.