The winner of The Spectrum Art Prize 2018 is…

Charlotte Amelia Poe


The film ‘How to be Autistic’ by Charlotte Amelia Poe is a calm and forceful description of personal experience.
Using a sophisticated knowledge of the structure of film, Poe gives a strikingly eloquent account of lived hell and ultimate triumph.
The artist’ s ability to tell and explain, the particular quality of projected openness makes an experience that is both generous and able to provide hope.
The use of film as confessional is not new, but the power with which Poe speaks, her ability to be both inside the condition of autism and outside in order to give advice, makes this a unique artistic achievement.

Sacha Craddock and Mary Simpson

Brilliantly written and conceptually sound!” – Charming Baker

Her film is unforgettable, the most explicit expression of having that condition. I have never heard it quite articulated like that.” – Mark Wallinger

Highly original genre. Powerful writing. The voice of autism through art.” – Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

Charlotte's monologue is honest, clear and emotional” – Richard Billingham


Charlotte Amelia Poe How to be autistic
Charlotte Amelia Poe