Jessica Chowdhury

Jessica Chowdhury is a sculptor, animator and filmmaker from Streatham, London. Born in 1997, Jessica has a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design from the City & Guilds Art School, and began her BA in Production Arts for Screen at Wimbledon College in September 2017. She works with clay and mixed media to create fantastical, expressive and humorous sculptures and stop-motion animations. Jessica’s fascination with the classics is reflected in her work.

Jessica submitted four clay sculptures to the Spectrum Art Prize including busts of David Bowie and her late father, a satirical Donald Trump shrine and a model of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. She also submitted a stop-motion murder mystery animation, Long Time No See, and a comic strip, Ass Burgers What’s That.

“Jessica clearly understands the language of the mediums she is using.” – Richard Billingham, Photographer/Videographer

“Whilst Jessica’s animation has a dark concept, she has used humour to deal with her autism and anxiety over a social situation.”Charming Baker, Artist

“Often it can be hard for those with autism to imagine deception, Jessica has captured the vulnerable side of life for autistic individuals.”Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen

“Jessica Chowdhury uses a series of familiar motifs and actions in her apparently effortless animation. This endearing representation of internal fear and suspicion, manages to educate and touchingly entertains.”Sacha Craddock, Curator

Long Time No See
Jessica Chowdhury