We are delighted to announce that after an intense second round process on 19 July 2022 we have managed to narrow a range of excellent work by 40 artists down to that of just seven.

Everyone should be congratulated, however, for such a high level of submission.

The remaining seven artists will be contacted to arrange for two of the judges to visit and find out more about them, their art and autism.

Once these visits have taken place, a final selection of five artists will be announced. We will keep you updated!


  • Janice Hughes
  • Sharif Persuad
  • Joseph Coyle
  • Harry Moorcroft - Miss Sugar
  • Elise Broadway - Boy

"I feel deeply honoured to be selected as a finalist for the Spectrum Art Award, I believe that the prize has and will continue to inspire future paths of my work, whilst also validating the complex and uniquely individual experiences of neuro-diverse artists." Elise Broadway 

"The Spectrum Art Award has given me invaluable support for my work. I am grateful to be part of a space that celebrates the connection between art and autism." Janice Hughes

"The school reflection film, being rewarded a gold distinction and being one of the lucky winners of the spectrum a price, it’s reassured me of all the time I spent studying and learning, about film and media throughout my youth, has paid off." Harry Moorcroft

"It is a great privilege to be selected as a finalist for the Spectrum Award, my passion for my artwork is driven by a yearning to share something of myself with others, a way of reaching beyond the confines of isolation and anxiety." Joseph Coyle

SPECTRUM london live interview