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            Today is:      Welcome to jingjiang Decheng Chemical Industry Co.,ltd.

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                    Chemical Name:
                    TOLYLTRIAZOLE or TTA, shortened form is TTA.
                    Molecular Formula:
                    Structural Formula:
                    Molecular Weight:
                    this product is white or grey white granule or powder, is compound of 4- TOLYLTRIAZOLE and 5- TOLYLTRIAZOLE, meting point is 74-85℃, hard to solute to the water, soluble to organic solvent, such as alcohol, benzene, toluene and chloroform and weak lye.
                    Quality index:
                    Top-ranking Product
                    white to off-white granules or powder
                    Purity (%)
                    M.P. (℃)
                    Moisture (%)
                    Ash (%)
                    this product is used as antirust and corrosion inhibitor of metals, such as silver, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, widely used for products of slushing oil (grease), mainly used for vapor phase corrosion inhibitor of copper or copper alloy, lube oil additive, treating compound of cycle water, antifreeze of auto,. This product can also be used with many dirty-resistance agent and sterilized algaecide, especially for the corrosion mitigation effect of the airproofing circulation cooling water system.
                    net weight is 40kg, paper barrel, black plastic bag lining, or according to demand of clients.
                    this product Can easily absorb moisture should be put in the ventilation and dry place, it is forbidden to place it together with food and seeds.

                     · 1,2,3-BENZOTRIAZOLE
                     · Tolyltriazole
                     · O-phenylendiamine (refined)

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